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Landlords & Letting Agents are your properties / buildings Safe To Let every time? electrical testing - Don't get caught out

No more trawling the internett or local papers, one call provides all the Property management support services you need at a price thats right for you, We give free advice to landlord & agents alike, our aim is to offer a complete service relating to the management of the electrical installation to your property or portfolio, so you dont have todeal with the complex requirments & regulations relating the rental sector, enabling you to deals with all the other challenges renting property brings ! a few points noted below may help / enlighten. we tailer our services to your requiments.


We strongly recommend that any landlord, regardless of whether they see themselves as running a business or not, should make absolutly sure they are complying with the regulations & requirments set out to enssure that all electrical systems & appliances / equipment supplied are safe for their tenants to use. 


Although the UK has a fairly good record on electrical safety, There are still over 30 deaths & nearly 4000 injuries from electrical accidents & the 8000 fires that occur in the home each year in the home only, this does not take into account the Commercial / Industrial sectors. 


Most of the accidents reported in the home involve faults in, or misuse, of domestic appliances, flexes, plugs or installation connections. A large number are related to poor & inconsistant electrical maintenance / DIY activities. The major danger to health from electrical accidents are from electric shock, burns, electrical explosion or arcing, fire & mechanical movments initiated by electricity.


The Causes of such incidents aare varied but include:-


* Deterioration of the fixed electrical installation


* Broken accessories & equipment


* Misuse of the installation & equipment & occasional vandalisum


* Inconsistant & poor or nonexistant maintenance programmes 


* RCDs / RCBOs not installed as required 


As you are aware as a landlord or Agent acting on the landlords behalf, you have a legal obligation to snsure that your accomodation / building is completely safe for your tenants. The landlord & Tenants Act 1985 requires that the electrical installation in a rented property / building is:


* Safe when a tenancy begins


* Is maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy


The landlord & tenants Act 1985 makes it an implied term of every tenancy, that the landlord or Agent will keep in repair the structure & exterior of the property / building & keep in repair & proper working order of the installation in the dwelling - house for the supply of water, gas & electricity & the sanitation, space heating & heating water, the landlord or Agent cannot make the tenant responsible for these repairs, it is the landlord or Agents responsibility to ensure the above requirments is met & continues to bge met.


Several Statutory regulations & general common law requirments say you MUST ensure that appliances supplied & fixed wiring systems are workingy correctly to quard against the dangers of electrocution.


Insurance policys may be invalid if you do not meet your statutory or common law legal obligations in this regard.


Electrical Safety In Rental Property:


Apart from the landlord`s common law duty of care, the landlord & Tenants Act 1985 (& several other statutory regulations se below) requires that the electrical equipment is safe at the start of EVERY tenancy & maintained in a safe condition through out the tenancy.


Electrical hazards are also coverd by the Housing Health & Safty rating systems under the Housing Act 2004.


In the case of commercial property & houses of multiple occupation HMO there is a atatutory duty under the regulation reform Fire & Safety Order 2005 for the responsible person (property manager) to carry out periodic fire safty risk assessments, which include electrical safty risk, ask to see HMO Safe to Let ? document.


If you let property you must ensure that the electrical installation & any appliances sipplied are SAFE, failure to comply with the Electrical equipment (safty) Regulation 1994 & the Consumer Protection Act 1987 is a Criminal Offence & may result in:


* A fine of £5,000 Per Item not complying


* Six months imprisonment


* Possible manslaughter carges in the event of death


* The tenant may also aue for cival damages


These requirements / regulations are enforced by THE HEALTH & SAFTY EXECUTIVE


Acts of Parliaments:


There are two main Acts Of Parliaments that impose a statutory duty on landlords & Agents with respect to the Safety of electrical systems / equipment


* The Consumer Protection Act 1987


* The health & Safty at Work Act 1974


The Consumer Protection Act affects all persons who let property in the course of their business it defines them as "Suppliers" ie they supply goods to the tenants. There are several items of secondary legislation under the umbrella of the Consumer Protection Act which are directly relevant to the supply of electrical goods including 


* The low voltage electrical regulation 1989


* The Electrical Equipment (Safety) regulation 1994


* The General product safety regulation 1994


* The Housing Act 2004


* The Landlord & Tenants Act 1985